World Premiere of Cristyn Magnus’ “Pitch Vs Computer” @ ICMC

This was the world premiere of Cristyn Magnus‘ work, Pitch Vs Computer for pitched percussion and live electronics. The performance took place at the International Computer Music Conference held at the University of North Texas in 2015. Pitch Vs Computer is the third piece in the “Vs” series of concert game pieces by Magnus. As the performer, I control an avatar on the computer screen using my instrument (in this case the vibraphone). Each level is a different game format and controlled using different musical parameters:

  • Level 1: avatar movement is based on pitch.
  • Level 2: avatar movement is based on volume (soft, loud, and somewhere in between).
  • Level 3: avatar movement is based on ascending/descending runs.
  • Level 4: combines the three ideas from previous movements.

The performer is then tasked to find balance between playing – and trying to win – a game while making artistic decisions to create a musical realization.