Sha#Bang! Modules for VCV Rack

Sha#Bang! Modules are a collection of innovative and animated open-source modules for VCV Rack. VCV Rack is a eurorack simulator that is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. To download my modules, you can add them through the VCV Rack Library. Check out the manual and my source code at github.

Eurorack modular synths

Eurorack synths are modular synthesizers that exist as physical hardware. Often there are different and interchangeable modules that one purchases to add to their rack, sometimes built as a DIY project or a literal suitcase! VCV Rack is a eurorack simulator in software so there is ample opportunity to create unique and creative modules that would be nearly impossible (or too expensive) in hardware. That’s the idea behind my Sha#Bang! Modules; I wanted to create unique, animated, physics-based, probabilistic modules that aren’t found in typical eurorack modules. With physics and animation properties driving sound generation, it gives the performer/composer a way to escape the confines of traditional instrument hardware. Below is a list of the modules I’ve built so far.


  • Collider: A physical model of various of shakers and wind chimes (maracas, sleigh bells, bamboo chimes, metallic chimes, etc).
  • Cosmosis: A continuous sequencer based on constellations. Time can move left->right, right->left, up->down, and down->up.
  • Neutrinode: A unique visual-based sequencer where time moves from the center of the 4 independent nodes out to the connected particles. Can generate interesting rhythmic textures and can be animated so that the textures change over time.
  • Orbitones: Physics-based animated LFO with 4 independent attractors.
  • Photron: An animated visualizer with inputs. Uses color flocking based on the Craig Reynolds boids flocking algorithm.
  • PhotronPanel: An animated panel visualizer. Small panel version of Photron.
  • PolyrhythmClock: A clock featuring three layers of embedded rhythms. It’s easy to multiply and/or divide the clock with virtually any rhythm you want using this clock.
  • QubitCrusher: A bit crusher and downsampler using fractional rates with the ability to modulate bit rate & sample rate, or randomly trigger new bit rates & sample rates.
  • RandGates: Randomly outputs one of the 4 inputs.
  • RandRoute: Randomly routes one inputs to 4 possible outputs.
  • StochSeq: A sequencer that uses stochastic (probabilistic) patterns.
  • StochSeq4: A sequencer that uses four independent stochastic (probabilistic) patterns.
  • StochSeq4X: An expander for the StochSeq4.
  • StochSeqGrid: A rhythmic sequencer that uses four independent stochastic (probabilistic) patterns.
  • Talea: An arpeggiator with polyrhythmic capabilities dependent upon note intervals.

I’ve started making tutorial videos for each module. You can watch here: