Quocíente : Laços for berimbau and computer

Quocíente : Laços is the solo version of my original work for berimbau sextet entitled, Quocíente. However, Laços uses the assistance of a computer to layer the accompaniment parts in a complex system of delays and this version takes advantage of certain live DSP features not found in the acoustic ensemble version. Laços is constructed of linear polyrhythms resolving to their representative intervals. Rhythm is created by using the ratios of specific intervallic relationships. The rhythmic cycles will always end on their respective interval. For example: a perfect 5th is a ratio of 3:2 so in Laços you might hear one instrument playing dotted quarter notes against another instrument’s quarter notes. When their cycle is complete you will then hear the instruments play the interval of a perfect 5th. The rhythm gets much more complicated with other intervals and I add more layers in the mix. This is essentially the foundation for the entire piece.

To perform this piece you will need a berimbau (pictured above), a computer, and Pure Data installed. This work comes in 2-channel or 4-channel (the coolest) versions. I do have 5 and 6-channel versions upon special request.