NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival 2022

At the 2022 installment of NYCEMF, I performed my piece Blackwater for snare drums, mobile phones, and animation. It was a great trip overall, with some inspiring electroacoustic & acousmatic works at the festival as well as visiting some parts of NYC I had never been to. Additionally, it was just great to play music again and hang out with old friends.

I also visited the MoMA, the American Museum of Natural History, and my old college roommate, Jonathan Scales in Brooklyn! Scales and I ended up putting together a little arrangement of a Venezuelan traditional tune called “Ay Compa’e”. Check out performances and photos below.

My performance of Blackwater at NYCEMF 2022. Off camera the audience cell phones can be heard.
Jamming with my old college pal, Jonathan Scales. We played Ay Compa’e, a traditional Venezuelan tune.