Music with Interactive Video

For the First Friday event in June, I performed with Crossing 32nd Street at the Phoenix Art Museum for a concert of percussion with interactive electronics and video. The video was projected between two works of art in the Great Hall of the Art museum, which gave a wonderful setting for this mixed media performance. View some of the media below including a short video of our sound check of Music for Botany as first person POV.  The list of music below:

  • Wail from Mathematics of Resonant Bodies – John Luther Adams,
    • untitled (video) – Natalia Jaeger
  • Music for Botany – Jeremy Muller
  • Elastic Guitar / Snare Alchemy – Barry Moon (including video)
  • Drumming, part 1 – Steve Reich
  • force.line.border – Casey Farina (including video)
  • Telegraphic – Yannis Kyriakides
  • Glisten of Places – Matthew Burtner (including video)
  • Oniero – Christopher Shultis
    • Oniero (video) – Hee Sook Kim