Abiquiú Chamber Music Festival

This summer ended with a wonderful trip to Abiquiú, New Mexico to perform with Crossing 32nd Street ensemble to wrap up the season for Abiquiú Chamber Music Festival 2018. During our week of rehearsals, we took a break and drove over to Santa Fe to attend a performance of John Adams’ Doctor Atomic – a contemporary English opera about the “Trinity” test of the atomic bomb and Oppenheimer. This was a special performance of Doctor Atomic since the original test site was not that far away (Los Alamos, NM) and therefore this performance included some of the original downwinders who were directly impacted by the radiation fallout.

The conductor of the opera even attended our concert. And the venue is a house that has been featured in Dwell Magazine for its modern architecture.

  • Doug Nottingham, percussion/conductor
  • Sonja Branch, percussion
  • Simone Mancuso, percussion
  • Jeremy Muller, percussion/composer
  • Brett Reed, percussion
  • Madeline Williamson, piano

Concert program:

  • Striker, Glenn Hackbarth (world premiere)
  • Nagoya Marimbas, Steve Reich
  • Music for Botany, Jeremy Muller
  • Credo in US, John Cage
  • Omphalo Centric Lecture, Nigel Westlake
  • Peñasco Blanco, Peter Garland
  • Imprints, Ruth Lomon